The easiest way to write your autobiography.

Make a beautiful book of your life to be treasured for generations.
As simple as replying to an email.

Imagine your great-grandchildren being able to read a book about your life’s memories. What a treasure!

LifeStoryPRO is the easiest way to capture your memories and create your autobiography.

Using your custom input, the LifeStoryPRO system pulls from a library of over 500+ memory prompts. Answer questions at any pace you like using our web-based program, or simply reply to bi-weekly emailed memory prompts.  Simple as that!

Our program is paced to document your story within 12 months. Once you are done filling out the memories, we’ll format them into a beautiful hardcover book of your life story.  You can then purchase additional copies in both hardcover and softcover options, and will also receive a link to a digital online version to share with friends and family.  Enjoy the memories!

The easiest way to write your autobiography.

  • 1 year access

  • Bi-weekly email Memory Prompts
  • 1 Hardcover Printed Book

  • PDF Digital Download

  • Digital Link to Share with Friends and Family

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Give the Gift of a Lifetime of Memories!
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The book is fantastic.  I absolutely love, love it!

Linda R.

I received the four books today.  THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!

They are beautiful and it is a REAL book.  I flipped through it and you did a fantastic job.  It is something I and my children will always treasure.


I have received my books and am very pleased with the way they turned out.  Thanks for helping me in this endeavor.

Sue W.

Thank you so much for your service.    I continue to recommend you to my Facebook friends (several thousand) and hope some of the older ones pick up the challenge.
Thank you again so much!

Pearl M.

Thank you for turning around the corrections so quickly.  The work is excellent.  And thanks for putting together this whole program.  It has been challenging and it has been so much fun to look through my whole life.

Rik W.

Hello LifeStoryPro,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the book and it is AMAZING!  If I could give you a hug, then I would be doing so right now.  I’m so thrilled with how it came out.  The quality of the book and photos is really top notch and exceeded my expectations.  I can’t wait to share it with my family.  They will be floored, including my Mom.  I’m already looking forward to doing my Dad’s book, when he’s ready.

Jae H.

I LOVE IT!   Thank you

Jeanne N

Oh my gosh – this is SO cool!

Donna M.

I got the book and I love it! My dad will be thrilled.

Andrea C.

I received it today!!

It’s absolutely beautiful!!

Michael M.

My book arrived this afternoon.  Its beautiful !  Thank you to you and your team for all your work and effort.

Gail F.

Dad really enjoyed the process of both writing and recalling long forgotten memories. Those memories have provided him with hours of conversations with friends and family.

Josee C

This has been a wonderful exercise for my father. He was recently widowed when he answered his first question and he lacked concentration skills. His writing was rusty and he was frustrated with having to mentally translate all his childhood memories from French to English before writing. It was quite a challenge for him. He now looks forward to the questions and struggles much less with writing cogently. It has helped him in many ways to have this project to work on.
Thank you!


Writing one’s autobiography is a very personal yet daunting task. Lifestory pro has demonstrated its ability to exceed this challenge. Their “weekly prompts” allow you to submit your biographical information at your own pace, a time saving feature that is priceless for us everyday people…

I place my manuscript in the personal and competent hands of LifeStory Pro!!

Michael Xavier

Thank you so much for this service you provide.  It is life changing.  Your whole staff should be so proud of what you do for people.  Inspiring them to put the life stories and pictures of themselves and members of their family into a book for other members and later generations to read is one of the greatest services there is.  THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO.

Lola M.

Thank you! You’re providing such a gift to others with your service! It has brought joy to our family. Thank you

J. Nelson

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