To save family memories from the fading of time.

We are passionate about helping as many people as we can, document their precious memories, stories and histories, passing them on to future generations.

We believe that there is a very real value to being connected to our roots. In knowing the histories and lives of our past loved ones, and leaving our stories and memories for our future loved ones, we thread continuity through generations, carrying our family legacies on. It is our mission to end the fading of family memories to time.

StoryPRO was created by two cousins who saw a need to document their own family histories before it was too late.  The memories were fading, and each year that goes by there are less people who can fill in the blanks of the past.  If it isn’t written down, and soon, it WILL fade away.

Our decades of experience in product design, software, interactive exhibit development and more, made us uniquely suited to develop a solution to this problem.  The result of much hard work and development is StoryPRO.

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Build your own story or engage with a loved one to create a book that will last for generations to come.

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