Frequently Asked Questions

What computer skills do I need to use LifeStoryPRO to write my autobiography?

If you can use the Internet, you can use LifeStoryPRO. We want you to feel comfortable. Our program is designed for everyone to enjoy.

What if I can’t type very fast, or typing is difficult for me?

Answering the questions can be done via typing or if you prefer LifeStoryPRO also features a speech to text* feature for you to dictate through your computers’ microphone. (*Speech to Text is currently available as Beta Test, currently available on Chrome browser only).

How long does it take to complete?

Completion time varies greatly from person to person. There is a lot of variation based on how much you want to complete etc.    It will take putting some hours in to create a document of your life, but we are confident this is the fastest and easiest way currently available to create the heirloom quality level of final product that you will end up with.

I’d like to give this as a gift, how does that normally work?

LifeStoryPRO makes a great gift!  Simply fill out the order and then you will be emailed a log-in code. We will provide you with a printable info sheet including their access code.

My loved one is not a fan of using a computer, does this mean that LifeStoryPRO won’t work for them?

Often our customers will assist their non-computer literate loved one with completing the program.  There’s many ways to do this. Side-by-side, over the phone, etc.   Most find it is actually a great way to spend time together!

Are there any length limitations to my book?

Final book lengths are limited to 400 pages.

What are the minimum computer specifications?

LifeStoryPRO is browser-based, these are the minimum versions we’re compatible with.
Chrome 18 and later
Firefox 24 and later
Safari 7 or later
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 9 – 11

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