Give the Gift of a Lifetime of Memories!

Give your loved one the ability to share their memories with future generations.
A great gift idea
Show someone special that you care about preserving their memories and stories for future generations!

We believe in the value of being connected to our roots. Our mission is to preserve memories and strengthen family legacies. By capturing our loved ones’ histories and stories, we share vibrant memories that can serve as cultural threads for future generations to continue weaving.
-Jeremy Gwizdala / Co-Founder

Creating your autobiography can be fun!
Transform your memories into vivid stories

LifeStoryPRO is an easy-to-use computer-based tool that helps create a book of your life.

We help you step-by-step as you bring your memories to life.

Your knowledge and life history are precious gifts that may influence your future great-great-grandchildren.

Family is about love.

You can share memories of hard work and determination, your favorite recipe, or finally get the chance to tell funny stories that may embarrass your favorite relatives!

Beautiful Hard Cover Book

With LifeStoryPRO, you can share your treasured memories in a beautiful hard cover book that can be passed on for generations.

Start collecting stories today!
Begin your journey and share your sentimental moments, greatest challenges, and most memorable days with your family to share, laugh about, and enjoy

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